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Meet Tiffany Harris

Tiffany Harris is the Founder and Owner of Milk and Honey Doulas. Having had 2 very different birth experiences
with her own children, Tiffany had the opportunity to truly see how having nurturing support, and evidence-based
guidance through the process plays an integral role in feeling satisfied and supported during birth. This inspired her
to become a doula in order to provide professional support to others on their birth and parenting journeys.
Tiffany is ProDoula Certified as a Labor Doula, and Infant Feeding Specialist. She teaches childbirth and newborn
care classes, as well as infant feeding courses for new and experienced parents. 

Based in Macomb and Oakland County, Tiffany provides new parents with the emotional and physical support they
need in order to have a peaceful and positive birth, and early parenting experience. Tiffany reminds her clients to
follow their own instincts and not worry about the opinions of others. She passionately instills the mantra “This is
YOUR baby and YOU know what to do for them.” Tiffany knows exactly how exhausting the newborn stage can be,
and she encourages everyone to seek out the support they need. 
“Not asking for help, means not getting the help you need…” - Tiffany Harris
Tiffany’s love for this work comes from a desire to give families the emotional, informational and physical support
they seek throughout their journey into bringing a child into the world. She is honored to be able to share her
expertise with women and their families around Macomb and Oakland county.
Tiffany is married to her high school sweatheart and has 2 amazing sons. When she is not wrangling the boys or
working with clients, Tiffany loves dancing, shopping, and long days at the beach.

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