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Postpartum Support


Your newborn is about to begin the journey into their first days, weeks and months of what will be an entirely new
world for them. 
Their perception of light and sound, as well as touch and smell can all act as a stimulus to your baby during this
time. A warm and peaceful environment creates an atmosphere that soothes the senses and creates a level of comfort
that will relax your little one. 
You are about to begin your journey into the first days, weeks and months of parenting a newborn. 
You will experience love, joy and excitement like you never knew existed. Simultaneously, you will learn what it
means to be depleted and exhausted, overwhelmed and concerned, frustrated and uneasy. 
We promise, this is all normal! 
Keep in mind, you’ve never, ever done anything quite like this before… But.. we have, and we’re here to help you
through it! Our only priority is the successful acclamation of you and your infant into what is becoming your new
We will help create an environment for you and your baby to recover and thrive that is based on your parenting
philosophies, and deepest desires. We are well-versed in all, and have extensive experience in assisting families as
they find their way through the early stages of life with a new baby.
While much of the focus will be on your baby, your needs are equally important. A variety of emotions may feel as
if they are bombarding you all at once. That is normal but your emotional and mental health are factors that mustn’t
be overlooked. In real-time, your doula will be with you to address any situation and the feelings that may come
with it. Your doula will tune into you and the things going on around you. You shouldn’t have to do this alone, and
frankly… You don’t have to.
We are your extra set of hands, an experienced professional that you can count on to meet your needs while having
the peace of mind of knowing that our training and certification is current and up-to-date, and of the highest industry
Our Postpartum & Infant Care Doula support is always based on your unique preferences regarding your parenting
choices and your recovery from giving birth. It  includes:

  • An introduction to parenting philosophies and the characteristics of each

  • Our ability to recognize red flags in physical and emotional post-birth recovery

  • Infant feeding support based on your preferences and desires

  • Comforting techniques to calm and soothe your baby

  • Building and maintaining daily routines that enable peace of mind and relaxation

  • Bathing and diapering your baby 

  • Meal and snack preparation

  • Light daily household support 

  • And so much more

Recovering from birth, and bonding with your baby are of course, your focus. Ours is on your contentment and
overall satisfaction which includes you feeling understood and getting the sleep, hydration and nourishment
necessary to thrive. We’re here for it, and we’ve got you!

 Pour yourself a cup of tea and give us a call today. We’ll add the Milk and Honey to sweeten the days ahead!

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