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Infant Feeding Support


Let’s discuss the mysteries surrounding feeding your newborn.  
While feeding a hungry baby sounds like it should be a pretty easy task, unfortunately it’s not always quite so
simple. At the breast, a hungry baby may fuss or turn away, seemingly rejecting the milk being offered. Nipples that
are new to feeding an infant may become sore or raw. Then there’s engorgement and clogged ducts, and the ever
looming question…. IS MY BABY GETTING ENOUGH???
You may find yourself riddled with concerns and quite frankly, that. Is. Normal!
The two questions that matter most that only you can answer are:
1. What’s best for my baby? 
2. What’s best for me? 
And whatever you decide, we are here to support. We are extensively trained in all aspects of feeding including
sensitivity to personal need and mental and emotional well-being. Yes, those are things to consider when it comes to
infant feeding because you matter too.
Should you decide to breastfeed, we will assist you in exploring a variety of comfortable positions that will allow
you to feed your baby more easily. This can contribute to your relaxation which will enable a more peaceful and
intimate experience for you and your baby.
Should you decide to bottle feed breastmilk or formula, we will assist you in the preparation and storage of your
chosen infant nourishment. We are well versed in paced feeding and will demonstrate best practices for introducing
babies to feeding from a bottle or other alternatives.
Our infant feeding support includes education regarding the signs of a well-hydrated infant and the telltale
indications that your baby is getting enough milk! We do this in real-time with you which enables peace of mind and
offers the affirmation that your baby is doing well. In the event that we see signs that indicate otherwise, we will
advise you of that and suggest you contact your healthcare provider. Because this happens in real-time, you are able
to act quickly to take the necessary steps to get your baby back on track! You’re not alone, we’ve got your back!
With breastfeeding comes a variety of things to consider, all of which your doula can assist you with:

  • Breastfeeding positions

  • Proper latch

  • Milk production

  • Challenges that may arise

  • Stress, and exhaustion and the effects it can have on breastfeeding

  • Pumping and expressing breastmilk

  • And more

With bottle feeding comes a variety of things to consider, all of which your doula can assist you with:

  • Pumping and storage of breastmilk

  • Formula preparation and storage

  • Disposable, plastic or glass bottles - pro’s and con’s of each

  • Nipples best shape, proper size and flow 

  • Cleaning and sanitizing bottles

  • Venting systems

  • And more!

When it comes to feeding your baby, you know what’s best, when it comes to supporting someone who is feeding
their infant, Milk and Honey Doulas knows what’s best! 

We’re practically made for each other! Contact us today and let us sweeten your infant feeding experience!

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