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Labor Doula Support


Throughout pregnancy emotions and thoughts flood your mind and body, but you remain calm and collected because
Milk and Honey Doulas comforts you like a hot cup of cider on a brisk Autumn day. 
That may seem like a huge promise but, let’s face it, having a birth and baby expert available to you 24 hours, 7
days a week to answer your questions, make suggestions and, most importantly, truly listen to you, can put even the
most stressed out person at ease.
The benefits of doula support are proven by research, and include a significant reduction in labor time, a decreased
likelihood of interventions, and an increase in overall satisfaction regarding the overall experience.
We listen to your concerns, address them with evidence-based information, and prioritize making the birth of your
baby everything you hope it will be. We work hard to help make the your birth an experience that you will cherish
During labor, you can expect your Milk and Honey doula to demonstrate, provide, and prepare you with the

  • Hands-on pain relief through pressure, and counter-pressure. 

  • Calming massage to enable relaxation and comfort. 

  • Positional changes that increase comfort through each stage of birthing.

  • Breathing techniques that ease discomfort and enable relaxation.

  • Informational support in real-time as decisions are made.

  • Non-judgmental emotional support, affirmation, and understanding. 

We impart upon you a comprehensive understanding of each stage of labor including the physical and emotional
changes you can expect to experience during each. Think of how that information will contribute to your confidence
and inner strength throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and during labor and birth.  
The energy of your Milk and Honey Doula is intended to create an environment that bathes your senses in warmth
and peacefulness as you emerge as a new parent. 
your journey into labor and birth. 

Labor Doula Support: Services

Prenatal Visits

Our Prenatal Visit is where we address any concerns you may have and take a deep dive into your birth wishes and
philosophies. We will help you sort out all of the options in order for you to finalize your birthing decisions and
organize your birth plans. We will share our knowledge regarding normal routine protocols at area birth facilities,
and provide vetted resources for any needs that may arise.


Birth Support

Our Birth Support includes access to your Doula at any time, day or night. We are always available to answer your
questions and ease your mind. When you are ready for us to join you, we will meet you at home or in the hospital
and stay by your side until your baby is born. We will be supporting you with breathing techniques, massage,
pressure and/or counter-pressure, and a variety of other tried and true comfort measures.


Postpartum Visit

Our Postpartum Visit will contribute to the warm, nurturing environment you are creating for yourself and your
family. We will discuss the current physical and emotional changes that you are experiencing and help to normalize
them for you. We will equip you with techniques for creating routines and managing your days efficiently so you are
able to get the most rest and fulfillment during this transitional period.

Labor Doula Support: Services

Whether you have decided to give birth at home or you have chosen a hospital setting for this birth, we are
committed to meeting your physical, emotional and educational needs as labor progresses.
We invite you to reach out! We’d love to chat over a warm beverage and discuss all the wonderful ways we can
prepare you and give you a head start on your journey into labor and birth.

Labor Doula Support: Text
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